【LEARN for your FUTURE】
Learn at PNTC and open up the future! More than 12000 graduates have been playing an active part in the Philippines and throughout the world.
We are earnestly instructing Filipino youths who seriously aim to acquire professional knowledge and skills.

【Phil-Nippon Technical College (PNTC) Outline】

PNTC is the professional education institution for Filipinos who want to learn language and skills.
One major feature of PNTC is its practical educational curriculum, which consists of three pillars: Japanese language education; skill training; and disciplinary training.
More than 12000 graduates have been playing an active part in the Philippines and all over the world such as Japan, Taiwan and Dubai.
Since 2019, in addition to manufacturing industry courses, new courses such as caregiving, hotel and restaurant have opened.

【Offering Courses】

[TESDA Accredited Courses]

  1. Japanese Language N5
  2. Japanese Language N4
  3. Japanese Language N3
  4. Japanese Language N2
  5. Japanese Language Factory Words
  6. Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) NC I
  7. Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) NC I
  8. Heavy Equipment Operation (Forklift) NC II
  9. Automotive Body Painting/Finishing NC II
  10. Caregiving NC II
  11. Housekeeping NC II
  12. Food and Beverage Services NC II
  13. Food Processing NC II
  14. Electronics Products Assembly And Servicing NC II
  15. Automotive Servicing NC I
  16. Front Office Services NC II
  17. Machining NC I


  1. Prepare for Specified Skilled Worker (SSW) EXAMINATIONS
  2. Prepare for JFT  Basic & Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)
  3. Prepare for Technical Intern Training Program (TITP) – Pre Entry Lecture
  4. Japanese Culture awareness and many more!
  5. OTHERS(e.g. Rideing a bicyle, NK, etc…)

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April 1997: ‘Japanese language education center’ was established at Manila, Philippines.
January 1998: Graduates deployed to Japan as first batch of trainees.
November 2003: Transferred to Laguna and reformed as ‘Phil-Nippon Training Center’.
2007: ‘Phil-Nippon Training Center Davao’ was established.
June 2010: The name was changed to ‘Phil-Nippon Technical Collage’.
2019: New courses were opened and enrollment for new students and Ex-trainees was started.
・Laguna Campus 1 (language class)
・Laguna Campus 2 (Skills training)
・Laguna Campus 3 (Caregiving class)
・Laguna Campus 4 (Hotel/ Food processing class)
・Davao Campus (Basic language class)
【Human resources of PNTC】
We gather Filipino youths who seriously aim to acquire professional skills from the whole of Philippines. We also provide training such as Japanese language education, skill training and disciplinary training to those who meet the admission requirements.
PNTC’s biggest advantage is its scale. Our graduates have been playing an active part in various business fields such as educational organization, the manufacturing industry, translation, interpretation, and call center in the Philippines and all over the world. And then, we provide additional education as requested by companies and sending organizations affiliated with us.

【The characteristics of education】

Japanese Language Education
An enthusiastic Japanese language educational curriculum was prepared to ensure that students are able to acquire high-level Japanese skill. We have 80 classrooms across PNTC’s campuses. Starting from N5 level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) through N2 level, our course composition maximize the Japanese language skills of students.
Skills Training
We are providing a thorough basic training and safety education for students to acquire practical skills using various kinds of machines, equipment, and tools in each course.
Disciplinary training / Upbringing education
One of the reason that PNTC graduates are accepted and preferred by many companies is their ‘Discipline’ and ‘Upbringing’. We are strictly teaching students appropriate greetings, manners, and the importance of time and speed conscious actions.
【PNTC President Remarks】
Looking back over the past decade, a period of profound economic change that has affected many lives.
It has been truly exceptional not only on how we have managed to accomplish a very remarkable feat of delivering outstanding Japanese language and technical skills training which are currently becoming increasingly significant in the workplace but also, in respect to our steadfast passion and dedication to help the community and the countries of Japan and Philippines.
As we all know, Multilingualism allows us to effectively communicate with prospect colleagues, and enable us to contribute to the cultural diversity desired by many international businesses. While PNTC stands on the sturdy shoulders of dedicated students, graduates, faculty, staffs and of the leadership of Japanese Advisers for whom this institution has done good in providing excellent Japanese language and technical skill training for many years.
We commit continuity of standard quality service to the Filipino community and graduates future workplace.
Our job is to be the guardian of trust to strengthen the mutual understanding among the contributors. knowing that we are together, we can preserve the trust and respond to the growing needs of this expanding community. For an opportunity to enhance your cross-cultural communication skills consider becoming a part of this growing cross cultural based learning Partnership.