About this course:

This course is designed for students who does not have any background with the Japanese language, and or willing to learn the basics of the said language.

Students will be learning the basics of the language such as the writing system which includes Hiragana, Katakana and Basic Kanji (Chinese Characters), and basic self- introduction.

Students will be aided with colourful, informative, visually pleasing materials for easier understanding and to keep their interest going.

During the course, the students will be able to experience a kind of Japanese school setting, curriculum and the way of life.

They will also be given ample activities such as quizzes, home works and materials for them to able to retain the lessons, vocabularies and grammar needed for daily living in Japan.

Students will also be given tests such as midterm exams and level checks to gage their knowledge in their current course.

Should they not be able to pass the passing grade, they will be given a chance to retake another exam.

They will also be able to experience, see and visualize the culture in Japan with the help of our experienced teachers.

Course Objectives:

  • Students will be able to read, write, understand basic expressions in Hiragana, Katakana and basic Kanji.
  • They will be able to listen, comprehend conversations that are used in the classroom and day to day activities that are spoken slowly.
  • The course taker will be able to introduce oneself, use numbers and describe things in basic.

What is JLPT?

The Japanese-Language Proficiency Test, or JLPT, is a standardized criterion-referenced test to evaluate and certify Japanese language proficiency for non-native speakers, covering language knowledge, reading ability, and listening ability.

The test is held twice a year in Japan and selected countries (on the first Sunday of July and December).


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