PNTC Campus 2

Campus 2

PNTC provides a platform and prepares young workers from the Philippines to acquire industrial and vocational skills as technical intern trainees at companies in Japan. PNTC aims to improve their acquired skills through further 3 to 5 years technical intern training so that they can utilize such skills for economic and industrial development after their return to the Philippines.

PNTC Campus 2 houses advance training equipment from Japan. PNTC skill instructors are former trainees in Japan who have excelled in their chosen field. The skills training is not only supervised by a Filipino instructor but also Japanese instructors. Students have to undergo periodical on the job test and after successful completion they will be awarded professional competency certificate. PNTC ensures the quality of the training given to its students.

The skills training being offered to the students are Automotive, Machining, Welding, Electronics, Electrical, Metal Press, Plastic Molding, and other special trainings for enrichment.